Court Settlement Documentary

A Video Settlement Documentary or Court Settlement Video Brochure can be the most effective tool in settling a lawsuit quickly and maximizing the dollar amount of the settlement.

Most lawsuits filed never go to trial, they will settle out of court during the discovery phase or in plea bargaining prior to trial. This is the prime time to take full advantage of the power of video.

Usually presented by the plaintiff in a wrongful death or personal injury case, a Video Settlement Brochure or Video Settlement Documentary is a compelling story of the case. Note that a personal injury documentary will emphasize continued living difficulties for the injured and their family. What life was like before the accident and as a result of the the injury, what life is like now. A wrongful death settlement documentary will show in detail the impact the death has had on the family.

When well produced, a Video Settlement Documentary can be compelling. Some of the video elements could include: comprehensive presentation of medical reports, product demonstrations, accident scenes and condition of the victim or the victim’s family.

Unlike a Day-in the-Life Video that is dry and does not utilize the dramatic effects available in post production, a Video Settlement Documentary is not produced to be presented in a court of law as evidence. The intent is to get the defense and insurance company to fully comprehend the pain and suffering that has resulted from their negligence, malpractice, or product liability. It is produced specifically to show the strength of the case and impress upon the defense, in pretrial hearings or mediation, that there isn’t a chance to win the case if it goes to trial.

Under some circumstances, defense can also make creative use of their own Video Settlement Documentary. If there is information or strategy that can shut the case down, video may be the best way to get that story across.